Mach10 Works, Episode 1: Why Do We Work

Why do we work?

Successful leaders know the answer is crucial and less obvious than you think.

Fulfilled individuals explore this question throughout their careers.

But for many, it’s a blind spot that limits their growth.

Which one are you?

In our first episode of Mach10 Works, Rob Vlock and I offer answers and explore why this question is essential to both successful organizational leadership and personal growth.

In this 19-minute, informal, free-flowing conversation, we’ll share our views on the most common factors that foster sustained motivation and our perspective on the long-term dangers of a misalignment between your real self and your projected self.  

In the end, understanding these reasons why we work can make the difference between maximizing individual and organizational potential and disappointment.


Watch the video here:

Mach10 Works: Episode 01. Why Do We Work?

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