Work can represent more than 50% of our waking hours. How we feel about our work spills over into our private lives. With such a significant impact on how we feel about ourselves and our health, why would we hesitate to invest in ourselves?

The short answer: investing in ourselves is always the right think to do, for our own personal growth and for the people around us whom we inherently affect.

With 25+ years of sales, marketing and CEO leadership experience (in the US and Europe) and rigorous coaching training, I support my clients’ goal of growing professionally and enjoying the experience.

This may mean becoming a more effective leader, successfully transitioning to a new role, dealing with symptoms of burnout, adapting creatively to rapid change, or reconsidering career direction.

I pursued both academic and athletic interests in my youth and early adult years. A passionate runner in high school and college, I studied both economics and international relations, eventually landing my first jobs as a research economist at Data Resources, Inc. (DRI) in the Boston area and the Organization for Economics Cooperation and Development (OCED) in Paris, France. Today, I continue to live my life with a blend of physical exercise, learning about the world, and connecting with people.

My background includes economic studies at Bates College, Trinity College, Dublin, Johns Hopkins University and coaching at the International Gestalt Study Center. I’m bi-lingual, English/French, married, and the father of two young adults. I love to run on the trails, eat healthy and I’m a vociferous reader of books on neuroscience, economics, business leadership and international affairs.

After completing a masters degree at Johns Hopkins University (SAIS), I joined American Express’ Strategic Planning team and eventually led the relaunch of the American Express Corporate Card in France. I left American Express five years later to co-create a business, which was eventually sold and integrated into a private equity-funded company. From there, I became an early participant in the Internet “revolution”, as VP Sales & Marketing and eventually, CEO of a marketing technology services joint venture in Europe that was acquired by Doubleclick.

Following the acquisition of the joint venture, I spent the next ten years as a strategy consultant for two marketing agencies, partnering with sales, business development and marketing clients. Then, I led international high net worth marketing and sale enablement for Sun Life Financial International, and marketing and DTC sales for a national life insurance carrier.

In my roles, I’ve conducted business in the US, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

I’m a dedicated husband living in Concord, MA,, taking advantage of Walden Pond, Great Meadows, The Battle Road, and other elements of beauty in the area.

Last but not least, I love to coach and I believe strongly in its efficacy as a catalyst for growth!