You find meaning in your work but you’re concerned about your prospects for growth. Perhaps you’re no longer challenged or the rewards have stagnated. Maybe you want to augment your contributions and accomplishments but you’re not finding opportunities. You’re motivated to take a step back, explore what may be holding you back, formulate a career acceleration strategy and take action when opportunities present themselves.

You may have thoughts like these:

“I’d like to contribute more but I can’t seem to find the opportunity in my company.”

“Unless my area of responsibility grows, there is little chance my compensation will grow.”

“I feel blocked by my boss. I want to expand my skills and expand my responsibilities.”

How we can help

Working together can be a catalyst for your personal transformation. We’ll empower you to engage in self-exploration then harness your insights to define career strategies and actions that will transform your mindstate from frustration and disappointment into a vision of possibilities. We’ll then help you create a plan of action.

Your Personalized Program

We’ll define your desired outcome from this career coaching program, discuss how we’ll work together and review what each of us will be accountable for. We’ll also prepare to send questionnaires to 6-8 contacts who know you.
Discovering what “career growth” means to you and precisely defining your professional goals is a first step in this phase of the career coaching process. Then, we’ll explore your perception of the root causes behind why you’re not achieving your professional goals. Often, we develop “blind spots” that limit our professional growth and ultimately our personal fulfillment. Interrogating your reality, uncovering issues that may be holding you back and tackling tough personal challenges can set you free. As part of this process, you’ll develop a Career Profile and a Skills Statement.
Now that you have some idea of how you define professional growth, we’ll focus on overcoming the limiting factors in your career and strategies to resume your growth trajectory and surface the issues that are holding you back.
Now that you’ve chosen your professional growth strategy, we’ll explore and define required changes you’ll need to make and how we’ll monitor your progress. If change means searching for new opportunities, we’ll help you develop a professional brand platform and assets that tell your story.
After session 4, coaching can continue. This may include semi-monthly 30-minute check-ins for the six months and quarterly one hour sessions to monitor your progress.