As a seasoned executive leader, you see opportunities to enhance your contribution to your organization as well as potential risks if you don’t make certain changes to your leadership style. You recognize the upside of personal transformation and you could use some coaching to reach your destination.

Satisfaction from many meaningful jobs is spoiled by internal organizational difficulties. These can include: conflicts with peers, tension with a supervisor, and under-performance by direct reports. Sometimes it’s difficult to know how best to manage through such situations.

These kinds of difficulties can hinder personal growth, render an executive unhappy and stressed, and, potentially, result in termination.

The solution to these kinds of difficulties can vary, depending on the circumstances. In certain situations, it may be just a question of understanding a workmate’s personality or surfacing some defenses that can be understood and eventually diffused. In others, the best decision is to leave the organization to find a culture that better suits the executive’s values and workplace needs.

A Personal Executive Coaching engagement starts with a complementary, 15-minute conversation between the executive and a Mach10 career coach. During that call, we’ll collectively assess if there’s a fit. If there is, we will explore and define the characteristics of a personalized coaching relationship.