You graduated within the last couple of years or you’ll graduate soon. You worked hard to earn your degree and you’re ready to put your education and grit to work. You want to bring your best skills and talents to your next job and start to straighten the meandering path to a rewarding career.

You may have thoughts like these:

“I’m not seeing many good job opportunities for recent college graduates with my major.”

“My current job is asking for only a small fraction of what I’m capable of.”

“My current job is just not the right place for me and I know it.”

How we can help

We’ll work together to get you where you want to go. We do this by fostering a process of open self-discovery, developing your job search strategy, creating your go-to-market professional brand assets, and coaching you to take skillful actions in the job market.

This personalized program typically consists of six sessions along with ongoing support as you search and eventually accept a compelling job offer. Session 2 “Self-discovery and Transformation” typically requires 2-4 one-hour sub-sessions.

Your Personalized Program

We’ll define your desired outcome from this career coaching program, discuss how we’ll work together and review what each of us will be accountable for. We’ll also prepare to send questionnaires to 6-8 contacts who know you well.
Our perceptions of who we are, what we’re good at, what we want to create and what’s important to us can be confusing. Often, our perspectives on what is possible contain “blind spots.” These limit our professional development and ultimately our personal fulfillment. This can lead us to focus too much on our limitations and not enough on what we’re good at and the abundance of possibilities. Sometimes, we even “veto” our dream careers because we believe others won’t approve or we harbor deep feelings that get in our way. Discovering what’s important to you, how you want to contribute and becoming more aware of the plethora of possibilities available to you are mandatory steps in finding a rewarding job and reaching the career path that you'll love. Any career development or job search plan that skips this essential phase runs the risk of leading to a “dead end.” Once this process is complete, formulating goals, choosing your career path and taking action can begin.
With a clearer idea of who you are and what’s important to you, you can now begin to explore the abundance of possibilities. In this phase, you will narrow down the career paths you may want to pursue. You’ll explore each through a filter of questions and evaluate their alignment with you. We’ll also discuss feedback from your Questionnaires you will have sent to 6-8 contacts. In the end, you will choose the top 2-3 career paths for you.
So far, your ideas of the ideal career path are theoretical. Now it’s time to interact with practitioners in the market and consider undertaking a real project you might be asked to perform. Based on this experience, you will decide on your Target Career Path.
Now that you’ve decided on the career path you will love, it’s time to create your professional brand platform and ask yourself a few last-minute questions. This starts with developing a very precise and succinct Skills Statement and telling your unique story through a variety of digital assets and other messaging vehicles. The skills statement will encompass both transferable “hard” and “soft” skills.
We’ll put the finishing touches on your Skills Statement, Modifiable Resume, Cover Letter template or video, LinkedIn Profile and any other elements of your Professional Brand Platform. We’ll also deliver networking strategies, interview best practices and other job search skills.
Following session 6, coaching can continue until a job offer is received and even beyond. This can include:
  • Scheduled semi-monthly 15-30-minute check-ins for the next 3 months
  • Quarterly 15-minute check-ins once you start the job
  • Advice on completing specific job applications

By the end of this type of personalized program, we’ll have delivered the following elements of your professional brand platform:

  • Skills Statement
  • Modifiable Resume
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Cover Letter Template
  • Optional: Portfolio
  • Optional: Personalized candidate website

In a program like this, you will have prep work before most of the sessions. Here are some examples:

  • Questionnaire
  • Preliminary career and job ideas
  • Final List of jobs/career paths
  • Testing strategy options
  • Draft skills statement