Mach10 Career & Leadership Coaching empowers you to resolve issues that limit your success in your professional life.

While the driving force behind our approach is aligning who you are with the work you do, much of our time is spent developing your career strategy and preparing you for skillful actions. This includes designing your professional brand platform. Your coaching program will be tailored to you and we will accompany you for as long as you’d like.

Leadership Coaching

Mach10 Leadership Coaching will partner with you to expand your repertoire of leadership-oriented behavioral skills. Using an approach anchored in the art and science of Gestalt principles and emotional intelligence, we highlight your leadership strengths, identify behaviors that limit effectiveness and facilitate the growth of your repertoire of leadership skills, taking account of the context.

Career Development

Through our interactive and open sessions, you will come to discover that the secret to finding rewarding work is not a single, perfectly designed resume. Rather, it emerges from a deliberate process of self-discovery, the development of self-confidence and an awakening to the plethora of possibilities. We’ll work with you to crystalize a plan and successfully execute it in the market.