Search “leadership” on Google and you’ll see 2,580,000,000 results. Search “leadership” on Amazon and you’ll see 60,000 results. With so much written about “leadership,” you’d be forgiven if you thought it could be learned in the library or in a seminar.

At the highest level, organizational leadership describes a set of behaviors that result in complete individual engagement and high-performing teams. It’s about giving leaders the insight and ability to positively influence the work environment through skilled communication, team cohesion, objective inquiry, contagious inspiration, and clear direction around which all contributors and stakeholders align.

Your accumulated experiences shape your personal leadership behaviors and style. As you navigate your career, you’re exposed to new situations. Perhaps you take on a new role and you’re in transition. Or, the outside environment changes, requiring you to expand and refine your leadership toolkit, or even change the blend of skills you employ in different circumstances. In all of these cases, you will likely need to learn and practice new behavioral skills to successfully lead your team. Otherwise, your prospects for further growth diminish.

Mach10 Leadership Coaching will partner with you to expand your repertoire of leadership-oriented behavioral skills. Using an approach anchored in the art and science of Gestalt principles and emotional intelligence, we highlight your leadership strengths, identify behaviors that limit effectiveness and facilitate the growth of your repertoire of leadership skills, taking account of the context.

To support you in reaching your leadership development goals, Mach10 engagements typically range from 3-9 months in length.