Our entire reason for being is to help you to maximize your professional self and live a fulfilling life.

Whether you’re a recent graduate, an experienced professional looking to make a change or an executive aspiring to attain greater growth or overcome challenges, we start by building mutual trust and inquiring about your current situation and who you are now. In this phase, you become more aware of your personal likes, dislikes, skills and priorities and what’s getting in your way. You explore what you want from your career and how you want to contribute.

By opening up and becoming more aware of your feelings, thoughts and perceptions, you will more easily mobilize yourself to see and explore new possibilities, more aligned with who you are. By doing so, you will take a crucial step toward maximizing your personal and professional potential and finding more happiness. For example, you may discover that your frustration mirrors a gap between your talents and what you’re currently bringing to a job. Or that the values important to you are not present in your current work culture.

We offer comprehensive personalized programs and flexible, ad hoc coaching sessions and services.

Personalized Programs

With these personal insights established, Recent College Graduates and Career Changers begin to research and prioritize potential jobs and career paths. We then move beyond the theoretical and apply a variety of techniques that test your top ideas. Once this test phase is complete and you know your target career path, it’s time to put in place a deliberate strategy. This will include the development of your professional brand platform and the creation of content that articulates your skills, your values and your authentic self to a hiring manager, a recruiter, or a networking contact on your career path.

Next, you’ll train to conduct skillful actions, including building door-opening relationships, interviewing effectively and negotiating your job offers. And once this is all complete, we’ll continue to monitor your progress, make necessary revisions to your strategy and consider opportunities to enhance the efficacy of your actions.

For individuals happy with their work but seeking more professional growth—what we call Career Accelerators—the approach is a little different. With a goal of greater professional fulfillment in mind, we’ll define career strategies and actions that will transform your mindstate from frustration and disappointment into a vision of possibilities and solutions. And we’ll work together as you implement your growth strategy in your current or perhaps even in a new organization.

Mach10 Career Program Curriculum

Mach10 employs a rigorous, proprietary curriculum to help each individual reach their career development goals.

Mach10 Career Development Process

Mach10 employs a process to guide individuals to explore their next professional step. This process approach is consistent with the Cycle of Experience, developed by the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. By following this approach, individuals will define career paths that are better aligned with who they really are.

Cycle Stage

Client Experience

Coaching process, techniques and potential deliverables

“Something could be better with my work” You experience this sensation related to your work. You respond with a range of thoughts and feelings. You may be motivated to explore the sensation’s meaning. Your Mach10 coach employs a Gestalt approach anchored in a paradox: change emerges when you are more aware and accept who you are now rather than when you try to become something different. This means becoming more aware, creatively adapting to the flow of life and addressing what is blocked.
Awareness of what is With your coach, you’ll explore in more detail the meaning and motivation of the thoughts and feelings that triggered your sensation “something could be better with my work.” Joint dialogue and inquiry into your awareness of who you are, what you want and need, the choices you are making and generally what is going on in the present.
Awareness of what is possible As you become more aware and open to what is and who you are in the now, your deeper thinking gives rise to energy for changing to what and how you want to be. Joint dialogue and inquiry into how you make personal meaning, what purposes motivate you, what values align with you and the qualities of your personal, authentic identity. Exploration of the changes necessary to align with your vision: more of who you are, actions to be different.
Mobilization for growth With feelings of both tension and excitement, you begin to explore the possibilities available to you for growth, the risks and potential consequences.
  • Joint exploration and personal reflection to evaluate potential work choices
  • Appreciative inquiry
  • Moving, with positive energy, to your choice of your new direction
Validation of growth characteristics You’ve invested the time and energy to understand who you are and what you need and want in the now and your options for change. It’s time to make some decisions. Defining the characteristics of your new direction, rigorous exercises to validate choice and assess the existence of qualification gaps. This could lead to Leadership coaching, particularly if you decide not to change your current job.
Action planning Now you’re confident in your new professional direction. You’ll want to be sure to consistently project, in both written and verbal language, your professional brand. For employees: development of a professional value proposition, elevator pitch, list of target employers, necessary go-to-market assets. Or the development of new leadership skills.

For independents: development of a business value proposition and necessary go-to-market assets.

Brand platform creation With your professional or independent brand clearly defined, it’s time to create the assets needed to find your desired job or search for customers. For employees: creation of a resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter template, portfolio, QRG
For independents: development of a website and social presence.
Brand assimilation If you plan to take your professional brand to market, to change your job with an existing employer or find a new employer, you’ll want to enhance your networking and interview effectiveness. Of you want to be independent, you’ll want to enhance your selling and marketing skills.
  • Upgrading your networking skills through best practices and experimentation
  • Enhancing your performance in interviews
  • Elevator pitch creation to prospective customers
Go-to-market You’re now prepared to go to market using your intelligently designed professional or business brand.

    Learning best practices when you apply for a position

  • Employing independent business development