On Knowing When You Need A Coach

The last 10 months have gifted us all greater awareness. Whether we like it or not, changes in our environment have stirred up a cascade of thoughts, emotions, and new perceptions. If we allow it, this “stirring up” can surface new ideas about how we want to lead our lives and expand our awareness of all of the possibilities. 

How we choose to engage with this awareness varies considerably. Some of us will pay attention, be curious, and even consider making adjustments to our lives. Others will push away uncomfortable emotions and thoughts and ignore the signals. Most of us are just doing the best we can.

During my 25+ year career, I frequently became aware of disagreeable feelings and thoughts about my work. When I sensed these feelings and thoughts—indifference, anger, frustration and fear— my habit was to push them away. 

It took me years to understand that “pushing them away” was counterproductive. If I had just engaged attentively with these signals, my work would have been more productive and I would have felt more at ease. Not only did the stress this caused make my work life more punishing, I sometimes wonder if it even made me more vulnerable to injuries during physical activities.

I could have used a “work” coach.

The idea never crossed my mind. 

I wish it had.

Don’t get me wrong—not everybody needs a coach. Some are fortunate to experience rewarding and fulfilling work that integrates nicely into their lives. 

Are you one of them?

Let’s Try an Exercise

Take a look at the “How’s Work Going?” table below. For each phrase, indicate the degree to which it resonates with how you feel about your work today. If it matches how you really feel and triggers energy, circle “6.” If it does not ring true for you at all, circle “1.”  Otherwise, circle some middle ground.

How’s Work Going? Nope                  Kinda                   Yep
Nobody listens to me at work 1          2           3          4          5        6
My job is under-utilizing my talents—I’m bored 1          2           3          4          5        6
My job feels meaningless 1          2           3          4          5        6
I  hate my job 1          2           3          4          5        6
I see no path for professional growth 1          2           3          4          5        6
I worry about losing my job 1          2           3          4          5        6
My boss takes me for granted 1          2           3          4          5        6
I don’t get what my boss wants from me 1          2           3          4          5        6


When A Coach Could Make A Big Difference

If you circled  “5” or a “6” on any of these and you’re motivated to improve your life, an exploratory conversation with a career or executive coach is definitely worth it. A coach will help you discover any “blind spots” that prevent you from seeing better possibilities. By doing so, you’ll be more empowered to discover more fulfilling and rewarding work. This should always begin with deep personal exploration and result in real action, all supported by your coach.

Consider Mach10 Career Coaching

We’re a little different than most career and executive coaches. We combine global front-line work experience, with proven marketing prowess, Gestalt principles and a deep understanding of the job market. We believe this translates into better potential professional and life outcomes for you. We’ll not only help you uncover the possibilities, we will also prepare you to”go to market” as you seek a more rewarding job or career path.


Broad, global work experience

We’ve worked in global corporations, start ups, development-stage enterprises and not-for-profits. We’ve hired hundreds of professionals and worked in the US, across Europe, and Latin America. We’ve assumed and managed a broad swath of job functions, including application developers, project managers, CFOs, IT managers, DBAs, graphic designers, copywriters, event managers, communications managers, market researchers, analysts, advertising managers and operations specialists.

Brand development expertise

For any job to which you apply, you’ll be competing with other strong candidates. We’ll help you design your “professional brand” and shape how you’re perceived by hiring managers or recruiters, based on your experience and your genuine skills and talents. This is crucial in helping you stand out from the crowd and making a compelling case that you are not only qualified, but the best candidate for the position.

Approach grounded in Gestalt methods1

We’re career development specialists trained in the rigorous gestalt model. Gestalt theory places emphasis on perception and the principle that genuine change occurs when you fully accept your situation and who you are rather than simply striving to be different. Ultimately, the Gestalt principles are employed to mobilize your excitement and energy toward your personal development and growth. With this in mind, we focus on building a trusting relationship from the start, raising your awareness of your inner truth, and unlocking the defenses and resistances that limit your progress.

Insight into the skills the market values

The mix of jobs our economy produces and the skills that are valued change over time. These changes mirror technological, political and social trends. We carefully monitor the current state of market demand and consider how it will evolve in the future, so your career is flexible, dynamic and built to last.




1The Gestalt coaching model is a client-centered approach that helps clients focus on the present and understand what is really happening in their lives right now, rather than what they may perceive to be happening based on past experience.

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