Let’s Minimize the Unintended Consequences of Layoffs


When Rob and I read a post-layoff survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, we realized Mach10 could make a big difference. Unsurprisingly, layoffs are a significant drag on remaining employees :

  • Decreased morale (58%)
  • Increased negative gossip (54%)
  • Diminished loyalty toward their employer (41%)
  • Resignations among remaining employees were shown to jump 27%


Don’t get us wrong—we understand that layoffs are an unfortunate part of every business’s survival and performance. However, the second-order effects of layoffs—a deterioration of morale, the loss of talent, and reduced loyalty—actually end up significantly undermining performance and results. 


But, fortunately, they can be minimized in a way that will boost the organization’s reputation and mitigate the unintended negative  consequences  of necessary staff reductions.


How? By providing a soft landing for laid-off employees and helping them make faster, smoother transitions to the next stage in their careers. In this way, you signal to remaining employees and potential hires that you care about their wellbeing and you genuinely have their backs. 


Most outplacement service providers today, however, are ineffective relics of another time, when career coaching involved little more than helping candidates with a job search. We know we can do much better.


That’s why we’re pleased to announce Mach10’s new Career Outplacement Service. See the attachment for more information.


 We will be supporting up to 5 organizations this fall to help ensure that necessary layoffs don’t lead to unnecessary consequences.


Let us know if you’re interested in exploring this with us soon by messaging.

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