Dare to ask the question: am I effectively leading? Can I do better?


Dare to ask: am I a good leader?


Today, are you performing well as a manager?

It’s a scary question to ask yourself.But it’s damn healthy, as circumstances require new skills.

To be clear, I’m not asking if you’re an effective manager per se; rather, I’m asking how well you are leading your teams today and whether you would like to improve.

According to a recent People Management Study, 70% of employees with “bad” managers say many of their team members are thinking of leaving. That’s an issue.
So it turns out, a major reason why talent leaves is because of an under-performing leader.

But leadership under-performance is not fixed – it represents an opportunity for growth. Every leader at one time or another faces a new challenge that they are ill-equipped to deal with. Maybe your burnt out after 18+ months of managing to Covid? Maybe there are new leadership skills you need to develop to successfully navigate you and your team through change. That’s not your fault. Being closed to the possibility, however, is.

Asking yourself the question is healthy. We all have blind spots. Finding support, to help you be a better, more effective leader, in evolving circumstances, is essential. Growth in life is continuous.

Remember, even leadership coaches have mentor coaches.
Don’t be afraid to ask the question: resistance to the truth will do you no favors in the long run! Why put unnecessary obstacles in your way.

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