What’s Keeping Many Senior Leaders up at Night?

As a leadership coach, I meet with a lot of senior leaders. I’ve had several conversations recently with senior leaders in mid-sized organizations; here’s what is keeping many of the ones I met with up at night:

All seem very worried about retaining talent and filling open positions and recognize the need to change something. Many also feel frustrated that their employees are constantly demanding more e.g. work from home, higher salaries, fewer hours, some feel their employees are ungrateful, disloyal or even lazy. Sometimes these dual feelings can be problematic.

The idea of the “Great Resignation” is weighing on them as more employees resign, often for higher paying positions or more attractive working situations. Technical positions are increasingly difficult to fill.
Burnout from the pandemic, existential decisions to find more work-life balance, and a migration to organizations that demonstrate a genuine commitment to developing employee skills and nurturing talent explain a lot of it.

The reality is, every organization is competing for talent at a time when the economy is in transition and growing quickly, so your organization’s value proposition to employees matters a great deal. Leadership skills at all levels of the organization also matter a great deal in convincing talent to buy into the organization’s purpose and vision and join them on the journey.

If there was ever a time that leaders could benefit from effective coaching, this is it.
We are living in volatile and uncertain times, with accelerated change, and many leaders will need to develop new skills to successfully navigate through. Many of these new or improved skills are emotional and behavioral.

Every leader has blind spots that can trip them up.

The good news: if done successfully, leadership coaching will mean professional and personal growth.

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