Leading Your Team After the Reorg

Do you know how to thrive and positively energize a demotivated team following a company reorganization? 

In this three minute Mach10 Works video, I offer leaders some Quick Tips on how to slay the challenges of the reorg. 

Digging deep is certainly the sine qua non for overcoming these moments of change and transition. When you’re part of a reorganization and your role changes, your adaptive skills are put to the test. 

Sometimes, what you’ve done in the past aligns perfectly with the demands of your new role and leading feels natural. 

Often, however, the alignment is imperfect, and you realize your approaches are falling short of positively influencing your work environment and transforming your people into a high performing team. 

Maybe you wonder if you need to learn new approaches and practice new leadership skills. 

Asking yourself this question may be the most important step in helping yourself and your team survive and thrive in your new business environment. This is part of digging deep.

As always, please reach out to me if I can support your or your organization’s leadership development or visit http://www.mach10career.com.

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