Emotional Intelligence is THE Superpower.

Is there anybody who doesn’t want personal and professional growth?

If you ask my partner Rob Vlock, he’ll tell you that Emotional Intelligence is THE super power everybody should be investing their time in.

Watch the video and hear Rob’s compelling perspective.


We constantly hear about the skill gaps employers see today and expect in the future. We’ve all heard it: people are being asked to adapt to rapid advances in technology which are driving digitalization, automation and data-centricity. Employers want more critical thinking, analysis and problem solving.

But if you listen carefully, you also hear employers recognizing the absence of another set of skills: Emotional Intelligence. Skills like self-management, active learning, resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility.

If you’re looking to have a successful work journey and enjoy the ride, Emotional Intelligence is your super power.

Through changes in technology and any other market disruptions, the winners in the long will be the people who finely tuned and continuously developed their Emotional Intelligence

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